Lake Distrcit wedding photographer - Do I need two photographers?

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A second photographer is always a bonus at a wedding, or so you would think but is it something you really need?

Our packages offer only one photographer throughout your wedding day. In the past we have lost out on some weddings as the couple really want two photographers as part of their package.

Two photographers sound great don’t they, two people (sometimes for the same price as one) photographing your wedding throughout the day. This should mean they can capture more of your wedding day, doesn’t it?

It is great if you can find a photographer who provides two photographers throughout the day, but please beware as this could be a false economy. Many photographers advertise two photographers but you need to be very careful if this is the deciding point in booking them.             






 Many photographers offer this service but this does not necessarily mean two photographers with the same quality of work. There are many photographers who get their husband/wife to be their second shooter, this could be someone who has very little experience or knowledge of photography, but can be a second person with a camera at your wedding. This does not mean all husband and wife teams, there are some very talented husband and wife photographers in the local wedding photography industry. Other photographers use local students or amateur photographers as their second shooters, not always the same person at each wedding.  This can also work the other way round, we have seen photographers who have second shooters (perhaps people starting out in the industry, or students) who provide a higher quality of photography to their own. Many photographers are also part of a network, both locally or nationally, and we have seen many requests for second shooters just days before the wedding, either because they have been let down by their second shooter or they have not organised one yet.

There are many great ‘double acts’ who work fantastically as a team to photograph your wedding as two photographers. If you really feel two photographers is a necessity your wedding make sure you meet them and have a good look at their work.  Two good photographers will usually cost much more than you would pay for one photographer.

You need to ask lots of questions to be sure both photographers are providing the same quality of work. Make sure you see full weddings where both photographers have been working both together and on their own. Check out the photographers testimonials and meet the photographers who will be at your wedding as personality is a very important part of choosing your wedding photographers. Ensure that it is guaranteed both the photographers work you have seen and met will be the photographers at your wedding.

If you decide you only need one photographer for your wedding please take a look at our prices and packages.



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